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Indicators of Evaluation and Monitoring of Drug Claims

In the last decade, the phenomenon of health judicialization has been consistently observed in Brazilian society, especially in what concerns the acquisition of medicines. This new scenario is linked to difficulties both in health managers and in the judicial sector, both of which do not have instruments to assist them in effectively assessing users’ demands and understanding the dynamics of both health and judicial systems.
In the face of this lack of knowledge and management, a project has been jointly organized with several institutions, including the National School of Public Health Sérgio Arouca and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, aiming to develop a methodology for evaluating and monitoring individual legal claims in Brazil. The objective was not only to identify these difficulties, but also to develop strategies and mechanisms that would promote better pharmaceutical assistance and reduce the intensity of legal actions.
There is also the potential to facilitate the decision-making process through the evaluation indicators, in addition to allowing standardization of subsequent studies, whether conducted at different times or at different times.
The material and the mentioned indicators can be found for free access through the link in Portuguese only: Indicadores de Avaliação e Monitoramento de Demandas Judiciais de Medicamentos