2016 Scholarships for IECS Virtual Courses – RedETSA

2016 Scholarships for IECS Virtual Courses

Virtual Courses for Health Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluations of the Institute of Clinical and Sanitary Effectiveness (IECS) of Argentina

The Instituto de Efectividad Clínica y Sanitaria (IECS) of Argentina, as a WHO / PAHO Collaborating Center in ETS, offers each year 6 scholarships (3 scholarships per semester) to RedETSA members to participate in their virtual courses.

This semester, the courses offered by IECS are as follows:
To apply for the scholarships, the following requirements must be met (in addition to the specific requirements of each course, described on the IECS website):

  • Being part of a RedETSA member institution
  • Submit a letter of commitment with the completion of the activities and time required for the course, in addition to the support of the institution to which they belong to the course (if the representative of the institution is not signed before Deadline, the letter signed by the applicant will be accepted. In this case, the signature of the representative of the institution will be required on the following days)

Complete the registration form and send your CV to lemgruba@paho.org with a copy to caccavof@paho.org. Priority will be given to those countries that had not previously benefited from scholarships. The final definition of the beneficiaries will be made in consultation with the representations of PAHO in the countries to which the applicants belong
For more information on the details of each course, please click on the following link: http://www.iecs.org.ar/cursos/