Memorandum of Understanding – RedETSA & EuroScan – RedETSA

Memorandum of Understanding – RedETSA & EuroScan

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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between EuroScan International Network on New and Emerging Health Technologies (EuroScan) and the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (RedETSA)
June 2016 marked the signature of a MoU between EuroScan and RedETSA. The aforementioned parties share common objectives related to information sharing and the development of health technologies.
Henceforth, the new collaborators have agreed to cooperate on:

  • Supporting information exchange on the identification, prioritization and assessment of new and emerging technologies;
  • Working collaboratively on the evaluation and incorporation of health technologies in health systems and in support of universal health coverage;
  • Enhancing the dissemination of knowledge;
  • Providing support to each Party’s Members;
  • Working towards the joint development of materials aimed at capacity building in the area of early awareness and alert activities.