Conitec in Evidence: "Conitec report: subsidy for decision making" – RedETSA

Conitec in Evidence: "Conitec report: subsidy for decision making"


The next transmission of the Conitec in Evidence will be held on 10/10 (Monday) at 4:00 pm, with the theme “Conitec Report: decision-making grant” to be presented by Dr. Ivan Ricardo Zimmermann.

The instructions for access of participating institutions are as follows:

To connect to the  videoconferencing system

1. Register in Gatekeeper (menu / config / network / h323 / gatekeeper / specify or manual):

2. Dial room ID: 6101

3. Direct external connections dial: Room ID@ (Tandberg, Cisco or Radvision) or ## room (Polycom or Lifesize) or # room # (Sony). The gatekeeper must be disabled for this option

4. The 6130 virtual room is available for connection, testing and tuning.
For problems, email:, or call 61 3315.2143/2017.

The participants of the videoconference should go to the address corresponding to the room from 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the beginning of the meeting.
We recommend that all participants keep the microphones in MUTE while they are not speaking, as is necessary to avoid noise and loss of audio quality during the conference.
  It is important to reinforce to local support technicians the importance of conducting connection testing in advance with Datasus in order to avoid access difficulties on the day of transmission.
Other institutions, not yet registered in this GIS, must follow the instructions available at: