Incorporation of ISSS into RedETSA – RedETSA

Incorporation of ISSS into RedETSA

“Incorporation of ISSS into RedETSA”

RedETSA wants to welcome our new member,  Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social (ISSS).
On October 7th 2016, to conclude the VIII RedETSA Meeting, Ana Argueta and Ernesto Chavez made a presentation on the incorporation of ISSS to RedETSA. The Institute provides health services and economic benefits and also handles economic benefits and health care for pensioners.
ISSS mainly works with drug evaluation, but also have a new medical device area. The studies they have now are on high-cost drugs and not included and on demand. The 3 main areas are: medicines and clinical therapeutics, drug information center and pharmacovigilance and drug use studies. In relation to medical devices they work to make product selection, techno surveillance and economic evaluations.
We are confident that the inclusion of ISSS will strengthen the RedETSA network and its HTA activities in the region.