Scholarships for RedARETS course 2017 – RedETSA

Scholarships for RedARETS course 2017

Introductory Course in Health Technology Assessment and RedArets

The Argentina Red Network of Health Technology Assessment (RedArets) in Argentina has offered 20 fellowships to RedETSA members to participate in its Introductory Course in Sanitary Technologies Assessment.

Details are available here: Descripcion del curso 2017

To apply for the scholarships, the following requirements must be met (in addition to the specific requirements of each course described in the file above.

  • Be a part of a RedETSA member institution
  • Submit a letter of commitment wiwith the fulfillment of the activities and the time required by the course, besides the support of the institution to which they belong for the accomplishment of the same Sample letter
  • Complete the Registration Form and send your CV to with a copy to

Deadline for application: March 23, 2017

The beginning of the course is the first week of April

*All courses are in Spanish, and thus the applications must be also*