19th edition of RedETSA's Webinars Program – RedETSA

19th edition of RedETSA's Webinars Program

“Transferability of economic evaluations”

  • Date: November 10th, 2017
  • Speaker: Victoria Hurtado Meneses and Catherine De la Puente Agurto, Ministry of Health of Chile
  • Theme: A methodology for Economic Evaluation (EE) transferability is proposed to inform decision makers about the cost-effectiveness of a health alternative in a timely manner. This methodology could be specially useful for countries that have limited economic resources to develop research, and could also relieve the existing rush that the authorities have when requesting this type of information.The construction of a “de novo” study continues to be the gold standard to provide valid evidence on the cost-effectiveness of a health intervention. However, there are scenarios where health technologies were evaluated in several countries and there is enough evidence of their cost-effectiveness. It is in these cases that the use of the methodology for EE transferability would be most useful, so that the response given to the decision makers is based on solid evidence and can be given in a short period of time.
  • Language: Spanish, without translation

*Available in Spanish only*